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Department of Transportation Regulations (49CFRpart40) requires that employers who are engaged in commercial transportation industries be involved in a random drug testing program


Consortium for under 25 employees

Company pool for over 25 employees


          Random pool for DOT covered employees

          Medical Review Officer services

          FAA Approved

          DATIA Accredited



Employers need to know that they are not hiring individuals whose abuse may interfere with satisfactory performance on the job.  Pre-employment drug testing is approved at the application stage (even with collective bargaining agreements).  You must verify that they have an offer contingent on a negative test.



The Compliance Alliance Inc. will administer the random testing program, maintaining all pertinent records on random tests administered.

At least 10 percent of the consortium’s average number of driver positions will be tested for alcohol each year.  At least 50 percent of the consortium’s average number of driver positions will be tested for drugs each year.


The random testing will be spread reasonably throughout the calendar year.  All random alcohol and drug tests will be unannounced, with each driver having an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made.


A driver may only be tested for alcohol while he/she is performing a safety-sensitive function, just before performing a safety-sensitive function, or just after completing a safety-sensitive function.



DOT post accident drug and alcohol testing will be conducted on the employee following any accident involving a commercial vehicle:

  •        If there is a fatality;

  •        If there is an injury to a person requiring medical attention      away from the scene of the accident;

  •        When any vehicle involved in the accident must be towed from the scene;

  •        When the driver of a commercial vehicle is cited by State or law enforcement;

  •        When company policy dictates such testing (non regulated post accident testing)



After failing an alcohol test, a driver must undergo a return-to-duty test prior to performing safety-sensitive function.  The test result must indicate a breath alcohol concentration of less than 0.02.


After testing positive for a controlled substance, a driver must undergo a return-to-duty test under direct observation prior to performing a safety-sensitive function.  The test must indicate a verified negative result for drug use.



Following the driver’s violation of Part 382, Subpart B, and the driver will be subject to follow-up testing.  Follow-up testing will be unannounced.  The number and frequency of such follow-up testing will be directed by the SAP, and consist of at least six tests in the first 12 months.  Follow-up testing may be done for up to 60 months.  Follow-up drug tests must be conducted under direct observation.




This means that drug/alcohol testing is based on the belief that an employee is using drugs and/or alcohol in violation of the employer’s policy.  Suspicion is drawn from specific observation and documentation of facts by a supervisor (preferably two supervisors.)  Supervisors should be trained in symptoms and signs of drug abuse.


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